Monday, November 2, 2009

Where is Laura's Ark?

NOVEMBER 2, 2009
Jerusalem, Israel

It’s raining outside. I’ve taken refuge in a cute little bookshop-café in West Jerusalem, where I am sipping delicious ginger tea (with lemon and honey) and thawing out my toes. I don't know where my shoes are. Not that it's really going to matter if G-d is trying to flood the world again, which is kind of what it looks like outside. There aren't a lot of drains. Who knew Jerusalem could get so cold? Seriously, this weather is intense. I was nearly blown over by one particular gust of wind on my way to Ichikidahana Indian Restaurant in the Makhane Yehuda shouk. Why can’t it be like California everywhere?

Sometimes I wonder whether I should just give up on the Middle East and become a food critic. I really like eating and I wouldn’t mind writing reviews in exchange for free meals. Then again, there aren’t very many foods I don’t like so I probably would not be doing a lot of critiquing. But I’d still get free meals!

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