Thursday, July 5, 2012

Revolutionary Street Art of Downtown Cairo ('Abdeen)

The dancing Egyptian army

You can't break me

 Bullshit/fuck/shit! (A7a is an Egyptian exclamatory curse word with no real English equivalent- it's just something you yell when you're angry)


Civil disobedience

The people are 'red line' (at their final limit- this is a reference to the Mubarak regime's old slogan "National security is red line" which was used to justify the emergency law)

The revolution continues

Tahrir. Here is your address (2km)

Overthrow the marshal (Tantawi- Chairman of SCAF) 

Glory to the martyrs 

No to the establishment

For the Muslim Brotherhood 

V for Vendetta 

"The rights of the martyrs are in our neck"
(people have a duty to continue protesting until freedom has been attained) 

You wear a suit, you wear boxers
Still, down with the military regime 
(statement against politicians who sell out their values and align with the military)

Killing causes death

Egypt can fly

The real revolution

ACAB ("All cops are bastards"- this is literally *everywhere* in the city)

Suzanne Mubarak as the head of a serpent
(people view her as extravagant and corrupt... the chief force behind Gamal Mubarak's "succession plan")

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